Warning Signs: the signs are there, but no one sees them
maybe we need to change the signs
udate the colors?
update the images?
update the message?

more than likely not
more signs will be ignored just like the ones that already exist
perhaps signs are not part of the solution

so what is the solution?

earlier education...
have people learn how to drive before they learn to drive....
not in driver's education... but as young grade schoolers
perhaps if the children were more aware of the proper behavior in the car
maybe they could share this message with their parents!

could you imagine...

"mommy... do you really need to be making that call right now? if that call is so important, why don't we pull over and you can finish that call. otherwise... your focus should be on driving. after all... you are carrying precious cargo. " [ending with a large smile and a flutter of eye lashes]


"daddy.... did you see that sign? it said STOP. you just slowed and rolled past"

"mommy.... you almost hit that cyclist. that scared me? will cars try and run me over when I ride my bicycle?"

I remember the children a few houses down the block from me growing up....
they had a deal with their dad
everytime their dad drove off without his seatbelt on.... the kid who made him aware of this got a quarter
such a system could work for kids on other rules and laws of driving....

in the end
people are growing to be less and less civilized
our habits are growing to be more and more degraded
in the beginning.... our grandfather's drove with caution
they raised their sons and daughters to drive in the same fashion
I do not recall my father speeding excessively about town, nor do I recall him rolling through STOP signs, running Red Lights, running cyclists off the road, or giving other driver's the finger

well... this is how the average mom or dad drives today
this has to make an impression on a child's perspective of proper behavior in a car
when this same child goes to take the driver's test.... I would be shocked if they bother to put their cell phone down during the process

enough for now
too bad this soap box only goes out the the bicycle riding choir

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