bachelor party: who is rob?
rob is an old friend of mine....
in high school we skated together, we rode bikes together, we hung out together
there were hair cuts, hair dye, he pegged my pants, he lent me his bondage pants
there were lots of punk shows then a few more
after high school we continued to hang out as we both went to college in the state of Maryland
managed to tour on the bikes for 5 weeks in Europe
manage to connect when I rode my motorcycle cross country a year later; stayed with him on a ranch in Wyoming... cool place... I should have stayed longer
then years later he visited me in Colorado while I visited him in San Francisco
that is a lot of states and maybe a few more zip codes

lots of bikes
lots of yak-a-dee-yak
lots of yada-yada-yada

for some reason we each returned east like faithful little boomerangs
again we hung out
beers in the bars
bikes in the woods
some races and more rides
lots of wacky times...
we ran into Brook Shields while riding the trails of Old Angler's Inn
we did our first 24 Hour Race together... well... he wrenched
we saw all sorts of punk bands before you could buy punk in a mall
we talked
rob has always been one of my favorite ears to chew
he has been good therapy for me
before the blog... there was rob

this weekend should be a blast
oddly... rob will not be renting a bike while in Vegas, guess he does not want to lose his spot by the pool
who knows where this weekend will take us...
it should just be another epic story to rest in the already tall stack of epic tales of me and rob doing what we do

maybe i will tell some of these tales later when they come naturally to me

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