belligerent drunk
there is this guy

he is a friend of a friend
we are friends
neither on the other's A list
friends just the same

he is a good guy
yet at parties he roams around all loud and obnoxious

his train of thought in conversation is somewhat random

at times he is moderately aggressive and in people's face

it is really quite a performance

my main issue with his behavior is that he is not actually a belligerent drunk

after all he is clean and sober

I can not recall what he was like when he was a drunk before he stopped drinking

now I just feel like giving him the old.... "I need to go to the bathroom" or "I need to get another drink"
thinking he will forget
but as he is not drunk he will not forget

is his behavior forgivable
we forgive the antics of someone who has had one too many
the lampshade on the head

the dancing on the bar

the public urination
the awkwardness of hitting on the boss' wife or better yet the boss' daughter

but what is to be done about the sober man's misbehavior at party?

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