Bikes for Clydesdales...
it always entrigued me that the bicycle manufacturers would spec out their bikes with the same equipment for a 16' frame as they would for a 21" frame
as if these riders should use the same crank length
as if these riders should use the same level fork
as if these riders exerted the same amount of force on their bikes

Kona is thinking how I think
a few years ago they came out with the HOSS BIKES
here is the HOSS DEE-LUX
kona makes a great bike
owned two of them
loved how they worked their way through the single track

the next notion for the Clydesdale
(and maybe any professional basketball player out there)

would be to move to the 29 Inch Wheel bike
that is what I did a few years past
and ya know what
my wonder full little 26 inch wheel bikes are like toys compared to the 29er
ontop of the 29 inch wheel... my Karate Monkey is a 22 Inch Frame!
I never had a 22" frame on a 26" bike
it is great having a bike that fits
still learning to control its mighty power
it has to be different
with all its advantages there are disadvantages
all things said
I am a convert
the 29er is my new religion

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