Bono gets carded at DC Bar
(actually he is asked to pay a cover charge)
recently I heard a story
simple enough....
Bono walks into a bar (yes, sounds like a joke)
he is stopped by the door man
the door man asks Bono to pay the ten dollar cover charge
not sure how to respond Bono smiles and takes a step back
with a diplomatic smile he says... "come on.... do you know who I am?"
to that the doorman responds... "yes, I know who you are... that will be ten dollars"
my feeling.... this doorman had no idea who this person was that stood in front of him

I know that people like to try and treat celebrities like normal people
then there are those of us that like to try and snub the celebrities that we do not like
this was not Cher or Paris Hilton
not even Richard Gear whose motives to assist Tibetian refugees has been questioned
this is Bono... a spiritual individual who is on a quest to feed Africa
anyone would be honored to have him as a guest in their house
certainly anyone who owns a restaurant or a bar would be honored to serve him
Bono is not one to be snubbed....
well, maybe during his Tour or his ACTUNG BABY or ZOOROPA
(which were both great records... But had a beyond ROCK STAR flamboyance to them)
at this stage of the game....
this man met with the Pope John Paul II
he has recently tried to work with the president of the United States
(and Condi Rice)
there have been gatherings with Tony Blair and Bill Gates
there are certainly more

be for real....

chances are this guy let in a few little underage college freshman because they had tight asses a few minutes earlier that night
heck... they did not need tight asses... they just had to be female
so to stop Bono at the door and refuse him entrance
just seems unlikely that he recognized him

now I was not there
that is my take on a story that I heard third hand

one video
(not the U2 song ONE)

just snagged a New York Times Sunday insert with a Bono cover story... will read on plane to Vegas

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