Cross Bikes/Cross Races
I am currently between cross bikes
my Jamis Nova (lime green, 4-6 years old) has served me well
but has hit that fatal "law of diminishing returns"
so I have started shopping
right now it looks like I am centered in on the Specialized Tri-Cross Comp
that is the recommendation of my "peeps" at City Bikes in Chevy Chase

the Cross Nationals are right around the corner
but honestly.... this event is not on my radar

locally I am thinking I will try to get involved in the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms and the Six Hour Panarama Paranormal!
it is not time to hang up the mountainbike yet

this year I can not let cross season slip past me!
will have to make a concious effort to schedule something this fall
maybe there is some URBAN CROSS.... I love the Urban Cross format and feel
jungle cross is all well and good
and honestly... deep wet grass and sod are not for the big guy

the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms event is raising money for a the Jake Walther Trust
here is a Blog about Jake's situation
he was injured doing something he loved; motorcycling
again a reminder how fragile our bodies really are

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