the cycling dude-
here are two things from the cycling dude
-a link about the shortest bike lane in the world
(I think we need to pull out a tape measurer as I think that Adams Morgan in DC may rival for this record with their short strip of bike lane)

-the cycling dude is lending his aid to cyclists that were effected by Hurrican Katrina

The Washington Area Bike Association is associated with a bike program called Bikes to the World
the bicycle can be the most sensible form of transport in many situations
as commuters, as transport of cargo, as transport of people, and of course as recreation and fitness
(working bikes does something similar with bicycle donations)

DC's Chain Reaction in DC-
Chain Reaction part of the Shaw Eco Village educates the less fortunate about bicycle riding, bicycle safety, and bicycle maintenance
they also have programs to put bicycles into the hands of those who would not normally be able to afford them

The Rebuilding of New Orleans-
there are two different arguements....
there are those that are sympathetic and believe that New Orleans is these people's homes.... and this area should be rebuilt so they can once again be at home in New Orleans

then there are those that believe that these people should be relocated and build their homes elsewhere
(where I do not know... local to New Orleans? where?)

it is my feeling that there could be some good in either way that these new homes are built

I am no City Planner... heck... I have never even played SIM CITY
this could be a chance to build a mini-utopia
or at least a lower income mini-utopia
since most of these people do not own cars the new village could be built so that everything is bicycle accessible
there could be an urban center where people shop, go to the mailbox, and work
the community where people would live would be close enough for most people to ride
there would be another public transportation option for those that are unable to ride (or do not desire to ride)
there could be pedi-cabs/rickshaws and other bikes that can carry people or cargo
(work bikes, baskets and modifications to bikes)
this is just one idea that should exist among many so that this story could have some happy endings
this whole tradgedy could have some new beginnings for people
this could be a skip in the record that aids some people in escaping the poverty cycle (hate using the word cycle in that way)
for things to get better
there needs to be some thoughtful planning

throwing up a shanty town where a shanty town once existed is a thoughtless solution
building a working village in the same place could work with some changes

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