The Day After Tomorrow
this weekend's 100 mile off road race did many things for me
one thing that brought me great pleasure was to distracte me from how messed up the world is...
that did not last long
after the race when speaking with City Bikes/IF rider Swampy I was reminded of the situation down south due to a hurricane and some poor planning
Swampy has family in the New Orleans area... luckily they are all okay
after a short discussion about the impact of thise storm and the future of New Orleans and the surrounding areas my focus was able to drift off the aftermath of Katrina back to the race
but the night of my return HBO hit me with a brutal blow.... they aired the film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW
it was nothing shy of brutal
more brutal than a 100 mile mountainbike race
it came as a harbinger
my mood returned to a somber one
this morning the high from the mountainbike race was tainted by the depression of reality
it was a great 100 mile escape
but back to fearing the future
the replacement of another judge did not help with my outlook of the future

it is hard to turn on the news
it is hard to turn off the news

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