Fall Project: A Fixed Gear
years prior I have done the fixed gear thing
the bikes passed in and out of my life with little event
I think that the fixed geared bike entered my life with great enthusiasm
then exited my life due to great fear....
as I did not alter my riding style in urban traffic
thus nearly killing myself

now I am headed down this road again
here I am again getting ready to do a little game of musical bikes
it is always good to keep the same trails fresh by riding a different rig

on top of all that I got a few pointers from a fast friend
while out riding with NCVC's Wonderbread I got the hint
I was pushing the pedals while he was spinning
he strokes were circular and strong
my strokes were (and are) ugle mashing of the pedals (moving me slower with greater effort)
in this ride Wonderbread spoke of the fixed gear and gave a subtle clue that the fixie would aid in my learning to spin
I kept my eyes and ears open
a few weeks later... my friend Bennet happened to have a monster size old 70's style road frame
it is a little crusty
but nothing that a little sandpaper grit, a can of spray paint, and a little elbow grease can not remedy

now I need to dig around for some parts for this rig
that and purchase a fixed rear wheel

time to seek out some information and advice on gearing
it is out there.....
feel free to share links or info on good gearing, crank length, etc....

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