Katoy or Katoey-
no matter how you spell it...
it spells trouble
the other night I met up with some friends for some Thai food
actually.... I had already eaten
so... I met up with some friends for a social gathering at a Thai restaurant
upon arrival I sat down and was greeted by a tall, slender, provocatively dressed waiter
eye contact was made
my drink order was taken
before I crashed into the rocks by the call of the siren I shook my head and I woke up
then turned to the three friends who had arrived before me and asked....

"is that a man?"

apparently they had not discussed this yet
the one woman at the table took immediate agreement
the two men... agreed with hesitation and rethought their prior assessment of the waiter

my drink came
I accepted my whiskey and coke without any further eye contact

hot yes... female no
scared? dam straight I was scared

being that we were in a Thai restaurant just a few blocks from Dupont Circle as just icing on the cake to validate my assumption

Spot the Katoey in Patpong

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