once again I need to put things in perspective
once again I ask that we all put things in perspective

this morning my focus has not been on work but rather on catching up with
Jake Walther's story

Jake is a kindered spirit
although I have never met him I know that he is my kind of person
his life is on an unorthadox path
from the sports he chooses, to the way he travels, to the jobs that employ him
Jake is one of a kind
sadly Jake's path has taken a sad turn
Jake was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident
he is currently a quadraplegic

it does not look good
it does not feel good
but I can not contain myself
Jake's story is too tragic
or is it
Jake is moving forward
Jake is a fighter
Jake is a survivor
Jake's spirits are high
Jake is fighting to recover
Jake is staying positive

lets all stay positive
Jake's story is not over... he is working hard at recovery
Jake is driven
lets all hope that this accident and this injury are just set backs in Jake's life

jacob's recovery blog
news article about Jake and his accident
a mountainbike race raising money for Jake

a movie that is inspiring Jake; MURDERBALL

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