The Shenandoah Mountain 100
so much to BLOG about as it is a race weekend that spans a spectrum of experiences and emotions
last year I drove up with fellow City Bikes Mountainbike Team member Joe Foley and his friend (now my friend as well) Jason
these two racers approached this race with some major intensity
last year their goal was completion
this year they built upon last year's goal
each of them rode fast and hard destroying their times from last year
check out the tales of the tape (the results)
check out their individual reports
Jason Crash and Burn
Joe Foley
both are sensational stories.... exactly what this event and this sport is about

I saw Joe throughout the race
he was riding high with a great smile on his face
rolling into each check point with a grand smile on his face
a smile that reflected that all the miles on the bike had paid off

a few other reports
another City Biker; Matt Donahue
(who maintained intensity... not letting two flats prevent him from meeting his goals)
lets see what JoeyP has to say.... he has some great images from the SSWC

on another note...
got to meet Gorilla on a Bike... he was volunteering working the grill.... Gorilla on the Grill
great to meet him in person
glad to see he is recovering from a knee injury
glad to see he was out experiencing the event
will be happy to be racing against him next year at this event!
(if not at this event... perhaps at another... as volunteering is as vital to the experience as riding or racing)

as for me...
I achieved my goals....
no goal to beat last year's time
my goal was to finish
well... my goal was to go out strong and see how I felt
finish if I felt strong
managed to beat last year's time by roughly 20 minutes... SHOCKER
101 our of 350.... not bad
managed to squeeze out friend and fellow Clydesdale Chris Redlack to maintain the Clydesdale top finisher at the SM100 two years in a row

the City Bikes Team had a large showing at the event
and a number of great finishes
was fun to see so many Orange and Red jerseys out hammering together
(joe foley was the black sheep in his wool black city bikes jersey)

Nick Daniels takes a dive
comes out okay
not preffy
but okay

jack looney photos at SHUTTERFLY

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