The Stratosphere:
among the list of highlights from our Vegas Adventure,
The Stratosphere ranks high along side the "all you can eat" buffet at Cravings
the rides were awesome....
the four rides each had their value
if I were to go back... I would re-order them
-High Roller
and then
then BIG SHOT again
that ride is a rush
what is so great about that photo is the expressions on each person's face
I may not look as scared as I am in that photo
that pose was held and locked for 5 minutes waiting for the ride to start
the BIG SHOT is a Thrill and a Half.... it is so scary that it is comical

not everyone wants to have an epic mountain bike adventure with the folks from Escape Adventures
but everyone should ride these rides at the Stratosphere
the view is awesome
the rides are a rush

one warning...
we rode the rides on an empty stomach sober
I recommend the same

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