Sunday Morning....
no cross practice at Tilden for me.... too busy with the kids
back from a hike on the Melvin Hazen with the dogs, Dean, our young neighbor Isiah
stomach filled with donuts and pastries from Heller's bakery on Mount Pleasant Street
the Washington Post has had positive cycling related articles on the past many Sunday's
Al Gore did something.... we should all be able to do something.... if everyone does something... there will be change for the better

today is September Eleventh
the combination of those words means something different now than they once did
we all know where we all where on the morning of September Eleventh four years ago
right now here in Washington DC the flags are at half mast
there is an overlap of reasons to mourn
there is the death of an old man who happened to be a Justice on the Supreme Court
then there is the tradgedy due to Hurrican Katrina in the south
there is the anniversary of the attacks on this country that took place four years ago today
I do not know much about the rules of flags being at half mast
it seems that the flags have been at half mast more over the last few years
then I can recall during my whole life prior

with all the madness in the world I think we should all take a second
close our eyes
and just breathe
breathe without tension
breathe without anxiety
just breathe
worrying about the state of the world does not do anything but raise your heart rate
if we want change
we need to do something

recall the president?
get out to vote in the future?
maybe someone needs to become a politician themselves?

in addition to breathing.... I blog
I feel a little better now
although the tension and anxiety return when I open my eyes

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