reaching out for information

headed to Vegas

not for Interbike... for a bachelor party

yes... wish I could stay for Interbike, but there are those wonderful anchors of job and family calling me back east
tempting as it may be... it is not an option

while in Vegas I plan on doing some mountainbiking

only riding one day

one day devoted to riding

what is the ONE trail I MUST ride?

what is the BEST company that offeres a tour/shuttle package?

need to book fast as I am sure there are not so many choices in the XL size bike options

scanning the shelves for the Dirt Rag that had the 411 on Vegas
but of course
I set it aside where I could find it
should find it the weekend that I start helping Dean pack for college

any other MUST DOs while in VEGAS?
not bike.... stuff.....
like the best place to get free hot dogs?
or the seedier side of Vegas
the casino with the friendlies slots... I said slots
and the bars with the stiffest drinks.... drinks!
gutter brain!

just so you know.....
I have a no Hard Rock Cafe rule.... not unlike my no Titanic the movie rule
it is nothing personal
it is just a rule
no plan to break these rules either

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