VW Passat Ad
the other night I caught an ad on the television
a cyclist is out on a night ride...
his halogen headlamp goes on the fritz
he is without light on a winding road that lacks street lights
a car comes up fast behind him
the car brakes
the cyclist waves him on
the car driver sees the situation and slows down
the car winds down the road behind the cyclist
allowing his lights to illuminate the road in front of the cyclist

this reminds me
my Niterider headlamp has been on the fritz
tried sending it back durning the winter
got no response after requesting an RMA number on their website
spaced out
got injured
never realized this until the days started getting shorter
and well
I saw this ad

I better get in touch with the folks at Niterider and see if this light can be fixed
it was broken out of the box
maybe they will let me upgrade
the HID lights are sweeeet!

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