another epic weekend
last weekend was filled with hikes in the woods with the dogs and the boys
long scenic drives south to Charlottesville for some mountainbike racing
then ending the evening with a glorious afternoon at the park with the boys which included a mini train ride
this weekend was pretty much the same
swap out a Friday night at home for a rehersal dinner
still some hiking with the boys and the dogs in the woods
then take all the preping and packing of cycling gear and insert suits, ties, and wedding gear
take away the six hour mountainbike race at Panarama Farms and insert a 6 hour wedding in Baltimore
end the weekend with a trip to the same toddler park.... only no train ride
throw in a pizza dinner and a trip to Boo at the Zoo!
the weekend was awesome
lisa and I left the boys at home for both the rehersal dinner and the wedding
great to get out
great to get away from the kids and chew our food
great to stand witness to see to friends take their life and their relationship to the next level
pictures and stories to come
the potential for many stories
it was a fun packed weekend which included me as the best man
playing the role of "best man"

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