The Hardesty Wedding: the rings and a toast
within the tasks of best man it was my job to stand there along side of my friend
while I stood there I also had to hold certain papers for the minister when she did not need them
as well as hold the rings.... then pass the rings to the minister at the appropriate times

on the wedding day
as the tension started to build
the guests had all arrived and were seated anxiously awaiting for the ceremony to begin
it was cold
did I mention it was cold?
we listened for cues and waited to be called forward
just as things started to get exciting I turned to the groom and asked where I was to get these rings
without a blink Rob told me that they were on his dinning room table
there was no hesitation
the house keys were in my hand and the co-bestman Snoopy was along side of me as we raced to the car

luckily the wedding was not far from Rob's house
we were back in nearly no time at all
this little slip of forgetting the rings worked in perfectly
it was not decided until after the ceremony when we were giving the toast
the missing rings seemed like the perfect topic to center around for my toast

as the toast was not pre-written nor was it pre-practiced I can only tell you what I recall
for those that do not know... extraverts think outloud
so the words were uttered as they were spoke
I did not know what I was going to say until after I said it
as extraverted as I may be
speaking in front of people is not a pleasure for me
as a matter of fact I hate it
not only do I hate it.... but I am aweful at it
I have been good friends with Rob for over 20 years
telling some random people about one of my oldest friends is an easy enough thing to do

so I introduced myself
gave people an idea of who I am and my relationship to Rob
then I told them of Rob's nervous mannerisms in contrast to his lack of anxiety about getting married
there was...
his lack of anxiety the days proir...
his lack of anxiety at the rehersal dinner...
his lack of anxiety on his wedding day
his lack of anxiety five minutes before the wedding when he discovered that the wedding rings (and license) were not on hand
yes it took Rob over seven years to marry Lori
but this is not something he was at all nervous about
nor is this something to be at all nervous about

I was more nervous about my toast then Rob was about getting married

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