The Hardesty Wedding: the ties.... lets start with the ties
this weekend past I had the honor of serving as the best man in my old friend rob's wedding
this is the same person who dragged me off to Vegas for a long weekend of decadence
also being the same person who said... "no we are not wearing tuxedos... I need you to buy a black suit."
after an awesome but somewhat expensive trip to Vegas
then the purchase and tailoring of a discounted yet still expensive Kenneth Cole suit
I was a little put off when Rob told me he was sending me the tie I was to wear at the wedding
to me it seemed a little over the top
what if I did not like the tie?
what if the tie did not flatter my new suit?
had I not done enough so far?
selecting a tie... forcing me to talk in front of people?
these thoughts and many others went through my head

the steam settled
the tie arrived
it was not the the paisley tie from the '80s that I feared
in fact... I rather liked the tie and its Tibetian Mandala feel to it

the day of the wedding all the groomsmen showed up early before the wedding event at the Baltimore Museum of Industry
we gathered and discussed the detains of the wedding that I had missed by showing up late for the rehersal dinner
while standing on the dock outside the museum Rob brought up the ties
there was a hush then a mumble
then rob pulled out a pair of scissors
two snips here
a few snips there
and two groomsmen were left with half a tie
being next in line I clutched my tie and scampered away
everyone was shocked and confused

as it turns out
Rob had purchased ties for the event... bow ties
these ties were meant to be hated
not sure of the smoke screen
I guess he assumed that we would be so focused on our hate for the ties that we would be releaved that they were being replaced
thus taking our focus off the bow ties
as not everyone is a fan of the bow tie

we accepted our new bow ties
I tucked my other tie away
hiding it safely from any and all scissors
we then all crowded into the nearest men's room to try and learn how to tie a bow tie

luckily for me I learned to tie a bow tie for my wedding
in front of the mirror rubbing elbows with 6 other men did not work for me
my arm was falling asleep
while all the advice and instructions were messing with my head
so in the middle of the room right before the amazed eyes of a few early arriving guests I tied a bow tie blindly to near perfection

we all managed to get our ties tied
each individuals knots lasted at least through the night

baltimore museum of industry
my blogging about our bachelor party in Vegas

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