he looks more like a King to me
since he is on a bicycle his status gets re-evaluated
I know how he feels

buses, cars, bigger cars, and even motorcycles pass bicycles like they are obstacles in the road
like those on bicycles are second class citizens blocking progress
never is my right to life taken into account
never is my tax contribution that goes to these roads taken into account
for some reason I am downgraded from husband and father to something on the level of an orange safety cone

perhaps the folks at Bicycle Playing cards can redesign their cards
putting the Joker in a Hummer H2 rather than on the bicycle
clearly the SUV stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is more of a JOKER than the cyclist zipping cross town with the wind in their hair... burning calories, taking in the day all while shaking the stress of the work day
moving forward rather than standing still
realeasing stress rather than building stress
(most of the time)

the Joke is on them...

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Bicycle Playing Cards

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