the counter culture

fashion has blurred over the years
it is not clear if I can put my finger on the moment things happened
I think that the line of distinction blurred somewhere in the mid-eighties
although it may have been a long subtle progression that started with Alice Cooper on a Slurpee cup
*1 in 1977

there was a time when college rock aka alternative music was only heard on college radio and people's cassette tape playing Sony Walkman
then somewhere in the early 90's things changed
it is not clear if it was the Beastie Boys or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
maybe it was MTV
maybe it was Lollapolossa
what caused it.... I am not sure
but somewhere in that time the music moved from the speakers in the commuter lounge to the HiFi system of the fraternity houses

first it was long hair
then it was the goat-tee*2
now it is alternative facial hair across the board
the same tribe of people that would start a fight with the "punks" or "the hippies" are now listening to much of the same music and wearing some of the same fashion

then it all changed some more...
Indy Rock went from basement recordings into the studio
Alternative Rock went from college radio stations to the mainstream boss jock stations
it all got very blurred
Punk Rock and its fashion were no longer an urban idea... but a product sold in the mall

piercings and tattoos are no longer getting an effect
most of this stuff can be seen on soccer moms and high school cheerleaders
so much of the fashion has been recycled and lost some of its bite

oddly... the counter culture kids are taking things in the opposite direction with their 80's fashion
the IZOD with the collar up, multi-colored cords, and other stuff that may have been my daily apparrell in grade school and onward

(well... no colar up as I was never that "pink and green")

as this is going no where
I will stop this here

then back to work

maybe his shock rock was pop all along... I don't know as I did not listen to him then and did not drink Slurpees then either... actually I had never been into a 7-11 until I was roughly 17 years old... as I was a High's Grocery Store man

2- well.... actually the Van Dyke... the goat-tee is when there is facial hair on the chin... sans mustache.... the Van Dyke has the mustache as well as the chin coverage

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