my SiDi shoes
it has been too long since I wore my SiDi Shoes
from the looks of my Time Pedals in a Zip Lock bag I am figuring I have not worn my SiDi shoes since my trip to Vegas in late September lat month

these shoes are not reserved for racing
although these shoes tend to be reserved for riding on dirt
it has been too long since I have ridden on dirt
since my ride in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Vegas last month
the Shenandoah Mountain 100 several weeks before that
seems that my fall priorities have shoved mountainbiking under the rug or maybe onto the shelf

last night I put my pedals on my Karate Monkey single speed
this morning I put the SiDi shoes on my feet
before even rolling the Karate Monkey an inch I could sense that the air pressure was low in the front
rather than mess with a pump
then onto swapping a tube
I just grabbed my worn and tired 5 year old Jamis Nova
my everyday bike of the past many weeks
time was running late
the morning hike with the dogs had me behind schedule

currently watching the weather for this weekend
wanting to race the Panarama Paranormal with my buddy Chris
not sure if I am so "gung-ho" as to slog it out in the mud

last year's race report from the Panarama Paranormal

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