Proud Poppa
in case you have not notice... I am one proud poppa
my son's are not perfect
but they are pretty darn good
even if they can be bad
they are healthy, strong, and positive
they have their moments
but they hit high marks in many different categories

there are times when people ask me about my kids and I can not stop with the anecdotes
yet most of the time I respond with a simple... "they are good."
because I feel that when people ask... they don't really care... they do not really want to know

the same goes for cycling
people could ask how my weekend went
and well
I can talk faster than I can blog
my stream of conciousness can over flow
so when people ask "how was your weekend?" or "how is the biking going?"
I tend to give a simple short answer
sure, there are those that are victim to my verbal rants and my endless diatribes
for the most part people get a standard... "good."

this is where the blog comes in
the blog is my outlet that gets to hear my stories of my kids or the tales from the trails
not every trip to the zoo gets told
not every second gets photographed
just as their are rides and incidents on the bike that go unmentioned
there are aspects of my fatherhood that go unmentioned as well
most people who care tune into the blog from time to time
then when we talk...
we take it from there

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