Urban Fashion/Urban Sensibilities-
normally when I travel to the bars at night I tend to go "stealth" on the bike
yet there are times when I am moving on foot these times I like to travel light
before going out I remove my ID, one credit card, and my photo ID
these items all fit comfortably into a little business card holder
(there is even room for a few business cards in there as well... but other than my BLOG... I have no business to promote)

why do I travel light when on foot?

cause if a less than friendly stranger asks me for my money or my life...
well.... the choice is clear
without arguement I should hand over my money

that said...
I was held up at gun point one time prior
there were two of us on foot
I had ridden my bike to my friend Rob's house and we walked to the restaurant together
on our return two very angry and aggressive young males approached us with fire in their eyes and guns in their hands
upon their approach I tried to expedite things by offering my money rather than handing everything over
my efforts became more of a fillibuster than acceleration of the process
I did not want to deal with the hassle of canceling credit cards
worse yet I did not want to have to deal with the MVA (or perhaps what is known to some as the DMV)
it was a foolish interjection on my part
my effort to expedite things could have lead to my extinction
but... in addition to my wallet and its contents... this angry young urban gentleman wanted my whole bag which contained the basic bicycle tools, pump, and tube

come on.... a tube can cost me anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars!

that experience changed my behavior
since then I have wised up
I try not to travel with anything I do not need
more importantly
I try not to travel with anything I can not afford to lose
also learned on that night... do as they say... leave ego and other nonsense behind
if I live to see tomorrow I can buy some more bicycle tools

so I was thinking there must be a market for such a product
a niftly little wallet.... a sub-wallet of sorts
not the massive "BAD MOTHER F---ER" wallet of Pulp Fiction
but rather a small compact package that travels comfortably in a person's pocket
be that pocket the hind pocket, front shirt pocket, or front pant pocket

not to mention the wisdom in carrying something that would cause less pain to hand over...
there is not the discomfort of "wallet butt"
your manly bottom will be are attractive on the dance floor with just a slight container
rather than an over stuffed wallet that gives the appearance of "poopy diaper"

being that I am more an "idea man" than a "man of action"
I will leave my creation of the "sub wallet" along side of my double sided tooth past for morning and night (morning side having caffiene/night side containing some sleep aid) and my heated bathroom mat with timer
these are ideas
not pattented creations

the angry young urban gentleman would have served themselves better to chanel their anger into a Punk Band

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