Winter Gear.... Deals!
I love gear
more than that
I love gear that works!
Sierra Trading Post always has Deals!
now is the time to start assembling the appropriate riding gear for commuting or
for just plain riding

go to their BARGAIN BARN!
maybe you can get some super sweet stuff super cheap!

be careful
it is not a good deal unless it fits and you are going to use it!

and no
this is not advertising
this is a recommendation

spend the money to get the right the right gear
this gear if treated well will last for years
or at least until your wife or boss tells you it stinks so bad that you need to toss it away or even burn it!

here is another recommendation
for your printing needs use www.4by6.com
if I had any sense...
I would start my Christmas Cards now rather than on December 15th

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