Bells of: Eleven Eleven
my iPod likes
Bells of
on shuffle
Bells of gets more than the usual appearance in the roatation
which works out fine as I like Bells of as well
Bells of
has no pop hook
Bells of
has no hollywood ending
Bells of is catchy in a Bells of sort of way
the Bells of flavor may be an acquired taste
I like it I like some Bells of more than other
there is Bells of that I just do not like

the earliest
Bells of stuff is a tad more folk well... post punk... post hardcore.... some sort of neo folk
it was Cornrows that had some random person in California email me looking a place to find the early
Bells of
what do I know?

Bells of
some history

and a final mention
the to the cd shown, "3's Company" was designed by myself and my design mentor Rob Myers
the image used was a painting by Peter Quinn
Lawrence used art from Peter Quinn on all of the
Bells of releases

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