The Bestman or should I say... "Bestmen!"
A few weeks past one of my oldest and dearest friends got married, Rob Rob the Heart Throb
to my pleasure and surprise I was selected as one of his bestmen
this is quite an honor
Rob and I share a long and colorful history
We have grown through the years together. Metting in high school, Skateboarding, Traveling, Cycling, and just hanging out.
Some years ago I introduced Rob to what would become one his closest friends, Kevin aka Snoopy.

Rob selected us to tag team the Bestman tasks
Snoopy set up the whole Vegas Affair
definitely an "affair to remember"
I did little more than show up
Attendance does count for something.
It was a beautiful event.
The whole party was a pleasure to attend and an honor to be a part of....
Both of these guys are old friends.... we have covered many miles of trail together.
We all hope to keep pushing the pedals into the future and see where the world takes us.
Some of my earliest 24 Hour Racing memories are shared with these guys!

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