bikes and coffee...
bikes and coffee...
a coffee shop/bike shop

it may be an original idea... but that does not mean it is not worth doing

this is an idea that should be done in my neighborhood
this is an idea that could work in my neighborhood
I would like to see this bicylcle/coffee conglomerant appear in my neighborhood

there seems to be a need for more bicycle repair options in this city
there may be a need for more bicycle repair options in many cities
people need to call ahead
people need to make appointments
this is for a bicycle... not for a dentist
what happened to rolling in... getting a claim ticket, getting your bike in two days??? if there is no need to order special parts of course
there should be a chance for a quicker turn around

on top of that
with people's busy shedule this repair only shop would have a pick up and return option
pick up and return for a fee of course
a pick up and return when a bicycle is being brought in for a complete tune up

there is definitely a market for this addition to the bicycle repair business
as we know that the time it takes to load a bike, go to an urban shop during the hours they are open, in the city finding a parking space can always be an issue, and the hours of operation may not always correspond with the time balance of work, family, whatever

there are those of us that like to go to the bike shop
those of us that like to soak in the bike shop
see what has arrived on the market
see what is coming down the road
check to see what has landed in the bargain bin
maybe do a little dreaming

back to the concept of delivery....
this pick up and delivery extends to the delivery of rental bikes
it makes more sense for someone to have a rental bike delivered to their hotel
rather than having the tourist or traveler take a cab or a rental car without a bike rack to the shop
they need to get directions to the shop
they need to drive around an unfamiliar city
then on top of that they need to arrive at the shop during the classic bike shop standard late opening hours and then return the bike during the designated closing time.... or risk a late fee
cab fee alone could justify the drop off fee

of course there are those of us that enjoy learning a new city
moving about the streets of an unfamilar town
meeting the locals
having an exchange with the natives

both of these ideas have been done
there is Bike and Bean in Sedona Arizona for a coffee selling bike shop
while locally here in DC there is Better Bikes rolling around town with a van full of bikes and tools
Better Bikes is dropping off rentals and doing the pick up repairs on the spot!

there must be more Bicycle Shops that double as Coffee Shops
and certainly the Rolling Repair Stand makes sense in many towns
but I am not the Yellow Pages so I will waste no more time GOOGLE-ING for any more listings
although it may be interesting to travel down that electric road

one last mention
there was once an attempt to have a bicycle shop in Mount Pleasant...
could have been too soon
the timing could be right
if I won the lottery... this would be a project of mine
but I would rather have someone else do this
so I could go hang out there rather than work there

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