Dalia Lama in DC
yesterday I saw a few Buddhist Monks across the street as I got back from lunch

I dashed across the street and greeted them with a quick Namaste
then asked if they minded if I took their picture

they did not mind the photo
then I asked where they were going and needed any directions

sure enough they did
need directions
they were looking for two embassies

rather than pointing this way and that way
I asked them to wait as I went to my office to get them accurate addresses and directions
in a matter of minutes they had directions and maps

it was a warm exchange
they blessed me as they left

in our goodbye I gave them a the lesser known Tibetian version of Namaste, Tah shi de leh

they lit up
wish I could have spent more time with them
as I am always on a spiritual quest
but I had to get back to work

Dalia Lama in DC
Tibetan Greetings

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