one of my dogs has a double ear infection
we are treating him... we are doing our best to reverse whatever damage may have been done
then there is my shoulder....
a bit of a bummer
other than that all is well
my family is happy, healthy, and whole
in an effort to put things in perspective I did a little GOOGLE

did a search for BLOGGERS that hate BUSH
the first few did the trick
shifted my depression from a local self absorbed level to a world view
learned I was not actually depressed
but ya know what
now I am fully depressed

my shoulder will heal...
there are american soliders who have lost limbs in Iraq.... their limbs will not grow back
my dog's hearing may be permanently impaired...
there are american soldiers who have lost their sight, their hearing, and perhaps their senses....
my dog is just a dog... he can deal with it
my family is moderately healthy
there are families losing husbands, daughters, fathers.... you fill in the rest
soldiers are dying
people are dying
innocent Iraqis are dying as well
and for what
I seemed to have forgotten why we sent troops to Iraq in the first place
does anyone remember any more?
did anyone ever know?

bush flash
animation piece

a blog... love america, hate bush

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