the photos
the photos are taken under various circumstances
when the multi shots are taken they are usually after or during an approach which always involves the explaination of my BLOG and a passing of my "blog card"
wonder if anyone ever bothers to take a look at the images
some people may have a greater computer priority than others... like myself
others..... well... may never see the images of themselves

then there may be an alternate situation
I may take some pictures... give the explanation and make the exchange
in that explanation there is talk of a posting of images on the blog
the creation of a montage or a collage
what if I take a series of pictures and never get around to creating a pictorial
that person may tune in and not find the image

the photos a few days after the download may get lost in the shuffle
some photos may get lost forever
that is the greatness and the sadness of digital

it is more a matter of disorganization
these shots are take
these shots are downloaded
these shots are manipulated in Photoshop
these shots are thrown onto my BLOG
more random stuff tossed out in to cyber space

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