Plugging the Blog-
it is true... I will shamelessly plug my BLOG
I will SPAM my friends on group emails reminding them to tune into my BLOG
at my 20th High School Reunion I had a pocket full of GWADZILLA BLOG CARDS
to which I think I handed out two
both to guys I grew up playing soccer with
both of these guys were once messengers
both of these guys are still cyclists
for some reason I do not see a reason to force my BLOG on anyone and everyone

in a bit of irony I brought up a fellow graduate's "web presence" to another graduate
to which he responded awkwardly
only after speaking without thinking did I realize how awkward I am when someone brings up my blog to someone I am not sure if I want to share it with

it is out there
if they want to see it they just need to GOOGLE me
my guess is that there are those who get the BLOG and there are those that just can not be bothered

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