life and its little realities
the reality.... we are not all destine for great things
we are all capable of great things
we are not all destine for great things
nor will most of us ever reach our potential

I will never ride on Air Force One
never will I be a guest at the Playboy Mansion
A&E Biography will never make a documentary based on my life
most certainly I will never make the FORBES LIST
for that matter I do not expect to be on a list for Washingtonian, VH1, or even a Top Ten list of David Letterman's
there is nothing wrong with this
this is just the reality of my life

on a global level I may never be the top 100 at anything
I was 101 at the Shenadoah Mountain 100, not even top 100 on the local level
this does not bother me
as I accept my reality
understanding my faults and dealing with my limitations
knowing I am above average but not great

life is good
I enjoy life
my rankings are more local and more immediate
I do not need to be father of the year in anyone's eyes accept for my wife and my children's
it is not important to connectg with all animals, just my own dogs, but it would be nice for other animals to accept me or at least not growl at me
that is enough for me
my families' lists are the lists that matter to me
I can deal with the happenings in my life being ignored by The Superficial.com, GAWKER.com, or one of those faux news organizations like The Onion or Fox News
most of that fame seems like it is more trouble than it is worth
really... I don't see how anyone, even Paris Hilton, would want to be like Paris Hilton

the reality is that my reality is actually quite desireable
I have a beautiful house and even a beautiful wife
my children are beautiful and my dogs... well... my dogs are uncontrolable beast, but that is another story
at least my dogs are beautiful to me
not having any ambitions has lead me to a life where I have exceeded my ambitions
like a fool I have let the wind dictate my path
lucky for me the wind has blown me where I have landed
I like my life
I like where I am
I would not change my past
as I would not want to risk what I have now

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