Rock Creek Park remains Open to Cars
story on WTOP
there was a movement to try and get Rock Creek Park to close to cars during non-Rush Hour periods of the day
honestly, this is an idea that I never supported
the volume of cycling traffic during these periods is not great enough to justify this move
the cars would be forced to clog up other arteries
some of the cars would stay in near by routes
making neighborhoods and less major tributaries of the park be their personal AUTOBAHN

what I would like to see is car drivers to drive in a more civil manner while on Rock Creek Park
well, actually I would like to see cars drive in more civil manner all the time and every where
but right now we are dealing with Rock Creek Park
the roadways of Rock Creek Park are marked for 25MPH speed limits with double yellow lines
the number of near death experiences from cars passing too fast and too close are only trumped by the number of cars that nearly hit me head on as they pass a cyclist traveling in the same direction
if people exhibited a little common sense and a tad bit of common courtesy the world would be a better place
as of yet
I have not found a way to inject empathy into the mindless masses

the person who reported this piece on WTOP, Neal Augenstein, was a singer in some MOD bands during the '80's

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