roll reversal...
this morning there was much on my plate
managed to achieve a number of the goals of the morning
perhaps I spaced on a few others.. ie. Brutus' ear medicine

the boys were dressed and fed by my over achieving wife
by her summons I stumbled into the kitchen towards the coffee pot
grabbed the largest cup in the cupboard and filled it to the brim
coached the boys as they finished up their Cheerios and strawberries
we all put on our shoes and went across the street with the dogs
everyone wanted to walk deeper into the woods
that was not an option
there were a few pauses on the way back to inspect some unique mushrooms

we marched back up the path
returned the dogs to the house
then we all climbed into the Honda Element
Grant's babysitter could not work today so I dropped the little man off at a neighborhood day care
interestingly enough.... our dog walker's mother runs a day care from her house
guess their family likes caring for other people's loved ones
both the furry and the fleshy

the drop off went moderately smooth
the dog of the house, Duke, barked at us which muffled Grant's crying
the crying is to be expected
I tried to explain to Dean why Grant was crying as we drove through the National Zoo to get Dean to school
as I drove I got to monitor the city activity from the perspective of a car driver
as I drove I tried to fight the driving impluses that make the streets so unbearable
after a few minutes at Dean's school it was off to work
rather than driving home and walking the 40 minutes to work I went ahead and drove into work
the traffic was maddening... how do people do this everyday?

found a pay lot with a daily fee
cringed each time my roof rack collided with the drooping overhead pipes

walking from the car to the office I felt tightly wound
more tightly wound then I already am
clearly the bike ride or the long walk is a more healthy approach to work
healthy for both mind and for body

had an MRI for my shoulder
will meet with the doctor later this week to find out my next step towards recovery
once recovered
back on the bike

sitting is a car can be nothing but frustration
the radio sucks
the car drivers around me suck
cars suck!
well, I love my car
the car is great for when I need it
I do not need the car to get me to work
there are far more pleasing options

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