scanned my blog
looked to see what other people may be seeing
looked at the photos I took
looked at the images I created
looked at the words I typed

part of blogging for me is just a free verse experience
the experience goes the same for the images
there is very little structure
more of a natural progression
just putting together a puzzle

sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn't
sometimes the puzzle has balance
sometimes it doesn't

looked at the picture of my old friend Scott
wondered if he will look at the blog
wondered if he will laugh at what I wrote
thought about how Scott and I met nearly 20 years ago
thought about the rides, the conversations and the laughs

looked at the photo montages of my kids
but not for long
as I showed my kids the kid images before they went to bed
then more photos
then more words

checked for new comments
got fooled and checked old comments that I had commented upon earlier myself
then found a new comment
it was a comment from a person who calls himself Rogue Mechanic
the site is under construction
yet it sounds like he is in full operation mode for the "pick up and return bicycle repair" business
an idea that I blogged about last night
only to him it is more than an idea
the business is his reality

he has a link to his own blog
not sure if it is active
not sure if he has started blogging
it did not open for me

the ethnography of work is fascinating
shop blogs and mechanic blogs can be a hoot
even if they do not blog solely about work
once again... I think of a feature film or even a documentary for the activities within a bike shop
sort of a bike shop "Clerks"

it seems like he may be in Ohio
about a decade ago I ran into the Washington DC Better Bikes owner and operator
tried making small talk... but all I got was... "you tryin' to steal my idea? you tryin' to steal my ideas?"
I felt like I was curious more than trying to steal ideas

Rocco found the Rogue Mechanic Blog

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