six days
it has been six days
not even a week since I went over the handlebars and dislocated my shoulder
this is a pretty depressing injury
all injuries carry the potential for depression
as all injuries will take the active person away from the activities that they love
the shoulder dislocation has the potential of becoming a recurring injury
breaks, if given enough time, will heal stronger than before
while the dislocation of the ball and socket joint ends up giving the person a greater likelihood of dislocating their shoulder in similar situations

that bums me out

I do not want further dislocations
I did not want this dislocation

I have two doctor's appointments this week
trying to get the medical opinion of two different physicians
one doctor treated my brother for a dislocation several years ago
the other doctor treated me for a broken clavicle over a decade ago

not sure why I am going for two opinions...
guess I am looking for a doctor that will take me out of the sling and lead me towards rehab ASAP
I want out of this sling!

it has only been six days...
I am fearing it will be six weeks
six weeks will overlap into a family vacation that we had scheduled with the boys
I am not going to the Carribean if I can not swim.... wadding is not enough
if would be more painful to be in paradise and not be able to immerse myself in it than to be back at home in the salt mines

we will see where the doctors point me this week

the article that came with the images on shoulder dislocation
do a GOOGLE for IMAGES with the topic of shoulder dislocation.... it makes me cringe

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