sleep... better yet... sleeplessness
recently twenty one month old Grant has been waking in the middle of the night
we think it is his teeth
"we think it is his teeth" this is the type of thing that parents say

grant cries
he cries until we bring him down to our bed
then he stops crying
I know
I know
we are enabling his crying
we are rewarding his crying
but he stops crying
then he sleeps then we all sleep
he sleeps as he kicks each of us in the head
he wakes and he talks
he talks and he talks
he tugs and he pulls
this is a several hour process
till finally
one of us has to get up
well... with grant's preference
mommy gets up
actually to grant's demand... mommy gets up
daddy can not buy his son's attention away from his mommy at this time of the day
the final moments of sleep are a guilty pleasure

we are considering "the sleep lady"
this is what the readers say at babycenter.com

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