Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse
it has been many years since I watched the
Tom and Jerry Cartoons
yet there are many plot lines or at least instances that stand out strong in my head
there is Tom Cat singing
"Is You Is" from the alley way trying to earn the affection of a cat in a house above
there are as many pans to Tom Cat's face as there are anvils to Wiley Coyote's head that stick out in my head.... sort of a precursor to the now epic
"Itchy and Scrachy Show"
then there is one episode where Tom and Jerry go to an uninhabitied tropical island to photo the never before photographed
"bip-squack bird"
this is how I am feeling
there are some people on their bikes I see in my travels
they pass before I have an opportunity to grab my camera
they pass at a point when I do not have my camera
I know where I may see them at certain times...
as I pass these points I look in anticipation
sometimes they are there
sometimes they are not

thus far all the photos have been taken after approaching the individual
then asking for permission to take the photo and post the images
for action shots...
these are more scenes of the city
no need for permission on those shots
they are just part of the backdrop which is life in the city

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