Trash or Treasure?
it is true
I save everything
well, not everything
just everything with some meaning
there may be some sentimental value
there may be some sort of notion that I will use something for a future art project
in this case...
well... a little of both

many years ago
in the years before children
in the years before marriage
when lisa was not my wife
when lisa was my girlfriend
we took a few months off from work and went traveling around Southeast Asia
the trip was epic
we saw and experienced things that help to mold our lives and our future perceptions

while treking in Northern Thailand not far from the Golden Triangle I purchased this packet at a small little hut on stilts that was run by a village member of a remote hill tribe
the packet was purchased for its graphic
I then learned that this was an asprin
in further discussion I learned that this is not really the best medication available on the market for pain relief
but rather
this certain medication in its powder form was used to cut heroin

this all amused me
because at this time in the mid 1990's Cannondale was using a very similar graphic for their then newly developed "HEADSHOCK"
I think he had a name, perhaps it was Bob
I do not recall
either way
last night I was cleaning up some stuff in my basement when I stumbled upon this torn little wrapper
did I throw it away?
I don't throw anything away

cannondale has two blogs that I know nothing about
will read them later when I am in a reading mood and not a writing mood
Cannondale Blogs: The Brad Blog and the Cannondale Race Blog

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