two movies
okay, more than two movies
at my high school reunion there was a guy who told me that he had worked on a soon to be released animated film, Aeon Flux
I do not doubt this as this guy was artistic in high school
in our discussion there was talk of the MTV Aeon Flux
turns out in the classic hollywood fashion it is a loose association

as I do not go to the movies that often...
kids and all

the notion of whehter or not Charlie Theron is cool enough to pull it off may take a while to be determined

as much as I want to dislike her as an actor.... I think she has developed to be diverse
ike nicole kidman shocking me with
Moulin Rouge

then there is a movie I just saw a commercial for First Descents
cool or cheesy?

I still have never seen the feature film version of The Dogtown and Z Boys

loved the documentary
had hesitation about the feature film still yet to be decided

we will see ends up on the shelf from an impulse purchase at Best Buy

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