The Used Bike Bike Shop

(a bike shop that sells used bikes)

in addition to the concept of a bike shop that subsits primarily on repairs
there is also the ignored market of the used bike
apparently there is a shop in the Other Washington, more specifically Seattle that develops this idea
the shop is aptly titled Recycled Cycles

during the slow months tor maybe the slow hours of the Coffee Shop/Bike Shop the idle time in the shop would be spent resurrecting old bikes into ridable machines
not Schwinn Varsities.... but something of that era just a little nicer
the bikes are out there
it would justify my dumpster diving and my never ending searches at yard sales and flea markets

there would be customization requestings
urban creations
and of course
lots of single speeds
and the urban favorite, "the fixie," would be a popular used bike dumpster dive creation

unique frankebikes would be built
maybe never sold
but fun to ride and definitely fun to make
maybe interesting enough to inspire people to customize their old rig

it would be a business
but as a neighborhood shop it would also be part of the community
this would be a biproduct of the Bicycle Coffee Shop
so, this would be a Bicycle Coffee Shop that sells Used Bikes*

*but does not buy used bikes
the used market is a strange place
best to know your source
as no one wants to ride a bad karma bike

Recycled Cycles
Logo was split....
check out their site for the whole logo and the whole deal
they even sponsor a cycling team
that is the type of shop I would love to see in this neighborhood or at least somewhere in this city

that said
I love my neighborhood shop
City Bikes is the shop that I shop at
and City Bikes is the shop that I ride for
I would still shop there even if I did not get a deal through them
they are a great addition to the community
they contribute a great deal to the cycling community and to the community as a whole
there is also Chain Reaction that works the .ORG angle of the cycling community
also vital
also a great addition to both the cycling community and the community as a whole
the idea of the Used Bike Bike Shop that sells Coffee is really something different
there is room for it all

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