back on the bike
the year of 2005 was a year of multiple set backs
got knocked off the bike early in the spring season
crashed on the first rock in the first race of the season
(scroll down for the race report)
healed, recovered, got back on the bike, then got knocked down again
surgery on the hand
physical therapy on the hand
a manic effort to get into race shape
managed to do a handful of races
then, well, got knocked down again
first it was a major break and dislocation of my index finger on my left hand
then in mid-Fall I fell while riding my cross bike ending in a dislocated shoulder
no surgery for the shoulder
currently involved in Physical Therapy for the shoulder
missed the complete cross season
waited in grand anticipation for my bike
once I got on the bike I tried to make an attack like a clown being shot out of a canon
there are certain risks to being shot out of a canon

today was Day One BACK ON THE BIKE!

last night I put air in the tires and lube on the chain
good to see the Karate Monkey Single Speed has a use other than hanging towels to dry
dug deep into the piles of gear for cold weather gear I have not worn for 8 months
gathered an assortment of tights/pants/jerseys/jackets/gloves/skull cap/and helmet
put aside my walking pack
loaded up my riding pack

this morning I got up walked the dogs as I sipped my coffee
then went to the basement to get into my gear
like Batman in the Batcave I put on my suit
then out the back door
into the alley
onto the bike
onto the streets of Washington DC
wanted to extend my morning commute
the morning of walking the dogs and playing with my two son's and our new Christmas Toys cut into my ability to break a real sweat before work

there will be plenty of time to sweat
good to get back into it slowly
will be good to work some different muscles
those long power walks to and from work were starting to wear on me

wish me luck!
hopefully 2006 will be as good as 2005
remove the injury from 2005 and it was an amazing year
focus on the injury? never
there was far too much good stuff to focus on the negative

good to be back on the bike
good to be a cyclist again
cheering from the sidelines is not really my thing

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