Cool "Disco" Dan
another great piece of
DC folklore
another great
City Paper story

graffitti artist Cool Disco Dan....
how long will his art remain?

here is a graffiti art page
and an image off that page
although I am sure I could stroll around at lunch and snap a few shots of Dan's ever so famous "tag"

in high school I had a friend who went by "Hobo"then into his twenties he went by "Ultra"
always loved his work
he was all ways a good dude
not sure what he is up to these days
hope he is still creating
before I Publish and Post I will Google him

sure enough Google got me there
not immediately
but there is this DC Graffiti Resource, very cool

in my life I only tagged things twice
once in third gradel I wrote some stuff under the Air Rights Building in Bethesda
did the classic heart with initials plus initials
only I did not do my own plus another
the next occassion was on a temporary fence at the construction site of what is now the Friendship Heights Metro stop
I had done a mural with some other students from my high school but had become embarressed by it
so we went back and touched it up

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