the cross nationals
injured or not.... the cross nationals were not on my radar
on my radar as something to follow or watch
but certainly not as a race for me to attend or participate
and well
if I were there I would race as spectating would be less fun then getting my ass kicked

tonight I was reading mid atlantic cross
wanted to comment
but the log in thing kept me away
don't know who Randy Root is... but they wanted fast and dry
I prefer fast and dry myself

cross is cool
thought cross was supposed to be off season fun
it seems that for some the cross season is the key season
which is fine.... but not sure if that was its intended purpose
but.... such is sport
as many things that were meant for different purpose have become sport
like any work done for competition the purpose has changed
be that the lumberjack competition or the cars racing around the track

my brother went to the nationals and endured the race
he told an interesting tale to the memebers of the city bikes team
perhaps I should post it here
perhaps I will post it here
the cross nationals seemed to go like many cycling races
more specifically like many 24 hour races
rain or shine it is about the race
and well
if the race happens in snow or mud.... that is the race
if the race takes you off your bike
if the course forces you to walk sections you normally ride
or to descend cautiously where you would prefer to lay off the brakes
even if the corners may need to be taken slow
that is the course
that is the race
that is the event
the variables are the same for everyone
if those variables favor one and humble another
that is the race

I like to race
I look forward to the racing again soon

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