Henry Garfield
today as I switched between the tasks of hanging christmas lights and cleaning my gutters I could not get the lines of
Henry Rollin's Family Man out of my head
it was a spoken word piece that he had recorded in his later days with Black Flag
pre Rollins Band post SOA
at the time of listening to this it always amused me
although I never found agreement in his bitter distain for such a person as the "family man"

Damaged was definitely an album that got worn thin on my turn table as a teen
his spoken word thing was awesome

words to family man

I can recall hanging at DC Space sitting indian style listening to the Henry Rollins
it was like a group of scouts listening to ghost stories at the campfire
now Rollins is doing his thing in Vegas at Mandalay Bay

Straight From Henry....

not exactly a BLOG
but I am sure if he blogged.... people would tune in

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