as mentioned....
last week we took the kids for some december fun in the sun
rather than our usual trip to florida
we kept on flying
we flew right over cuba and landed in jamaica

from the airport we took a shuttle to an all inclusive resort in Negril Jamaica

it was awesome
great weather
great beaches

I still have not really been to jamaica
as my experience was in a jamaican climate
but the resort kept us isolated
sure it was good to be safe and hassle free
I sure would have liked to have poked around a little

on our three short escapes from "the compound" I took a few random images
did not hassle our driver to stop
in hindsight I wish I had asked him to stop at one of the many bike shops along the highway
one of the local bike shops.... not a tourist rental shop
as mentioned... this did not happen
and well
I was not poised and ready to take a picture each and every time we passed such a shop
there are no images other than the images from the moving vehicle
thus the conglomeration of blurred images

it is a less than artistic effect
figured that these were worth posting just the same

I also took a number of shots of the kids
much time was spent trying to clear some space on my SD cards
as the dreaded CARD FULL message plagued me each time I approached an potentially epic shot

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