life just gets watered down
as we move further and further away from the past things just get watered down more and more
we lose the meaning of certain things
then there are certain things that just get lost

fixing things is a lost art
nobody fixes anything any more

there was a time when a large glass bowl broke... then it was fixed
now we just throw the parts away and buy a new bowl
while a few centuries ago there was not the liquid income or the mass production
perhaps this is why there is the myth that breaking a mirror brings bad luck
as mirrors may have been a prized possession
a prized possession that was expensive to purchase, easy to break, and perhaps not so accessible
a little myth like seven years of bad luck may have been a little like my dad telling me that it cost 25 cents each time the lights were turned on and off
a white lie to try and guide my behavior
so nobody fixes anything anymore
a broken vase is not glued
our time is spent doing other things
the value and our wealth dictates our behavior

last night lisa and were setting up the Christmas tree
there are boxes and boxes of lights
some that I had purchased others that I had been give by my dad
some lights worked others did not
the process of changing fuses is worth a shot
chasing a string of lights replacing blubs goes out the window with glueing a broken bowl
much easier to get another string of lights than to trouble shoot things
such are modern times
times with disposable income
times with disposable everything

I admit that I am a victim of the times
our house of four humans and two dogs creates a great amount of trash
too much trash

that's enough now
I am tired of blogging

next day
next morning

the bicycle is one of the last organic tools
something that an individual can build, fix, and maintain
there was a time when men tinkered with their cars
but now it is all computer diagnosed
the idea of changing plugs or oil is a thought of the past
the time it would take to change the oil then take the oil to a recycling station is clearly greater than the cost it would take to pay the corner gas station or the nation wide chain of Jiffy Lube to handle the task

the bicycle and all of its glory has gone the way of the broken bowl in some ways
the light weight components
the thinner chains
the many many speed rear cassettes are all disposable
there was a time with the 5 speed free wheel that people went years and years on the same chain and free wheel
now chains and cassettes are replaced oh too frequently...

the industry needs to adapt
a three hundred dollar bike should not need several hundred dollars of parts replacement every year and a half
that is not cost effective
in no ways is that logical
perhaps the lower end bicycles could drift back from nine speed to cassettes to eight or maybe even seven speed cassettes
where they could use wider longer lasting chains
and cassettes that do not wear down as fast as well

unlikely though
the bicycle industry is a business
they want you to continue to spend money on their product

more mindless rants
I think the holiday parties are making my already manic mind even far less focused

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