not riding
not racing
not that great a rider
not that great a racer
really just a guy who loves to ride his bike

just the same
just like the monday morning quarterback
I can still have an opinion
I can still stand by the water cooler and spout off
this stuff is so lame
it is quite removed from my lifestyle from how I feel games should be played
yes it is clearly lame

professional cyclists are really closer to professional football players than being close to a recreational rider like me
and well
the use of banned substances in football is unacceptable as well

why take a cab to win a marathon?
trick your opponent in chess by stealing their pieces if they glance away for a second?
hide a dictionary in the bathroom while you are playing scrabble?*

race clean

got the link from my old buddy tim faia

there is mention of east coast local hero jeremiah bishop in the heros section of race clean

jeremiah bishop's blog

*dont forget to drink lots of water so you have to go to the bathroom over and over and over again

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