saturday i was forced to cross the bridge into virginia
the directions to the funeral home were incorrect
which is odd... as the funeral director gave me the directions himself
when back tracking on Interstate 95 I found myself in bumper to bumper Christmas Shopper traffic headed to Potomac Mills or some other mess of malls in Northern VA
it was hell
ended up missing the whole memorial service for my old friend, the marlboro man

was able to arrive just as the people were headed out of the chapel and into a greeting room
there I was able to gather with friends and family
from there I went to a reception that I had not intended upon attending
but having missed the memorial service I had to change some plans
called lisa and let her know that she would have to go to the second children's birthday party with our boys that day without me
I missed the morning party due to my having volunteered to sell Christmas trees at my son's school
it was a full day

was able to relax at the reception
spoke at length with the marlboro man's wife and an assortment of friends and realitives

on my way back into the city I stopped by to see an old friend at a bike shop in old town alexandria
it was really what I needed
Bennet has a knack for story telling
his day to day adventures would be a best selling novel or better yet a reality show that could air 24 hours a day
he is always causing incidents
then cleaning up after his incidents
on this visit he caught me up to date on some of the more recent incidents
if only bennet blogged

his life is like a Jerky Boys tape

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